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If on courage you must call,

In your own way, be a lion.

Guriel | God's Lion
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Guriel is an angel of the Lord, one of the Malakhim or rank-and-file angels who act as messengers, protectors, and soldiers. He's one of the youngsters of the angelic family, although that placement has as much to do with his personality as it does with his age (like his brothers, he is as old as Creation). His name means "Lion Cub" or "Lion of God," and his personality matches the name; he's brash, quick to action, and stubborn. Though he means well and he's fiercely devoted to his Father, his family, and his friends, Guriel has a reckless streak that can get him in trouble.

Guriel currently serves on General Duty, protecting mankind from demons and other threats -- alongside his former Charge and brother-in-arms, Ben Lockwood, a werewolf and Hound of God.


In the chains_of_grace/Enslaved!AU: Guriel is a ringbound former pit fighter, freed by Ben Lockwood after the latter returned from Afghanistan. The two of them (plus Zev, Lockwood's wolf persona) have formed a close-knit Pack, and Guriel's new goal in life is to free and aid his enslaved brothers by any means necessary. More information here.

This is an RP journal. Guriel is an original character based on Christian traditional beliefs. Muse and mun are both over the age of 18. Neither muse nor mun is a gay werewolf. No offense or denigration of any religious beliefs is meant. PB is Allu Arjun, header by the talented and amazing werewolf_hacker. Female PB, rarely used, is Dilshad Vadsaria.